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Grand Junction was one of the first cities in the nation to create an outdoor sculpture exhibition. This idea was brought to the members of City Council and downtown merchants by Dave Davis, an artist and Director of The Art Center of Western Colorado. Davis saw an opportunity to breathe new life into the downtown shopping park due to Exxon closing its operations on the Western Slope two years before, leaving Grand Junction a virtual ghost town. After gaining support, he assembled 10 area sculptors and on August 5, 1984, Grand Junction saw the first exhibit of 24 sculptures on Main Street. Since then, the community has supported Davis’ vision and continues to honor his legacy through the exhibition of new sculptures annually, the care of the permanent collection and keeping the history of the exhibit alive by offering community talks and walking tours.

As the program enters into its 39th year, we welcome 21 new sculptures featuring new artists and old friends. This year’s exhibit was curated by two long time contributors to AOTC, Brian Harrison and Troy Reynolds. Every year we invite Colorado Mesa University students to apply. This year we juried in two student pieces.

We hope you enjoy the quality and innovation of this exhibit.

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1st Place Best in Show, Dave Davis Award

Artist: Diego Harris of Upper Lake CA

Price: $12,000

Location: 359 Main Street, 4th & Main Plaza

Artist Statement:

I built Aurora with the landscapes of western Colorado / eastern Utah in mind. I wanted it to have very clean lines and soft curves. I felt particularly inspired for this piece with the open sky and interplay between the sky and landscape and how they can seem so interconnected in such a beautiful place.

Art on the Corner

Rising Women

2nd Place Best in Show

People’s Choice Award

Artist: Dvorah Dnali of Longmont CO

Price: $24,000

Location: 255 Main Street

Artist Statement:

My motivating catalyst is understanding the balanced vs. imbalanced aspects of society.

I seek to create a sense of unity and order in my work. It is most important to me that the underlying concepts are meaningful. I want my work to leave the viewer with lingering responses, which could fall along a continuum of positive or negative thoughts and feelings.

An eclectic mix of issues and interests have influenced my artworks.

This sculpture presented for this call-for-artists is titled:

“Rising Women” is a work that reflects on the quiet efforts of an unseen energy continuum, smoothly spiraling toward the heights of validation and visibility.

Stepping Out

3rd Place Best in Show

Artist: Sue Ariniello of Loveland CO

Price: $2,700

Location: 552 Main Street

Artist Statement:

The Penguin is unique in the bird world. Although somewhat awkward on land, they still have a distinct grace. We have used their appearance as the template for our own dress on formal occasions. Hence the title – “Stepping Out”.

Art on the Corner


Artist: Andrew Griffenberg of Grand Junction CO

Price: $3,000

Location: 507 Main Street

Artist Statement:

“Asphyxia” was originally made as a challenge—to see how difficult it really would be to take something so light and delicate like a paper bag and bring it to life out of cast iron. After breaking open the mould, the metal bag appeared to be crushed, suffocated almost, which I thought was an interesting play on the “hyperventilating into a paper bag” trope. The bag, despite the weight of itself, only wants to float away, but something is holding it down, strangling it. It hopes to one day rid itself of its constraints and be free from the toxic limbs that bind it.

Andrew is one of two Colorado Mesa University students selected for this year’s exhibit.

Art on the Corner



Artist: Alex Bond of Mancos CO

Price: $7,500

Location: 225 Main Street

Artist Statement:

Alex Bond is a professional and award-winning artist working in mediums of stone, wood, and metal. Working  full-time from his studio in southwestern Colorado, Alex creates art independently and as part of a collaborative team across a variety of scales and concepts. Alex aims to tell stories that blur the line between nature and industry, between the wild and human dimensions. Through the experience of Alex’s art, people gain the opportunity to become more connected to their world and themselves. Alex has created over 15 large-scale, public art pieces as part of the permanent collection of various municipalities nationwide. Alex has created and maintained relationships with dozens of private collectors as a result of fine sculpture sale and installation. Finally, Alex owns and operates a non-profit art school, Turning Wild, focused on providing youth with opportunities for creative education.

Art on the Corner 


Artist: Nathan Johansen of Provo UT

Price: $7,200

Location: 359 Main Street

Artist Statement:

Aspen trees are common in the west, and especially in the mountains of Utah. The unique white bark with its textural patterns is intriguing and alluring. Barkburst is a sculptural depiction of Aspen bark with the twists and turns of an aging tree, even bearing the artist’s working marks.

Nathan Johansen looks to nature for the forms he uses in his work. Plants with their seeds, in all their various stages of development, are rich in symbols and patterns that repeat in all life. His deep sensitivity to the natural world is embodied in his depictions of the cycles of plants and seeds and their relationship to mankind. A lifelong resident of Utah, Nathan graduated with a BA in Fine Art from BYU. Nate has worked in the Art Casting field for over 30 years, coordinating Fine Art Casting at Metal Arts Foundry in Lehi, Utah.

Art on the Corner

Body Emergence

Artist: Sue Quinlan of Boulder CO

Price: $9,000

Location: 461 Main Street

Artist Statement:

Sue’s work explores how artifacts can help people connect with universal human experience and explore its personal meaning.

Art on the Corner

Continuum by Degree

Artist: Michael Ford Dunton of Castle Valley UT

Price: $10,000

Location: 350 Main Street

Artist Statement:

What I am trying to achieve with my work is to create objects that are beautiful and resonate with energy. I find fluid motion to be beautiful and the state of balance to be pulsing with dynamic energy. I draw inspiration from dreams, places, random cracks in cliff faces, anywhere I see a form that sparks a feeling in me. I find direction by thinking about the forces behind the creation of a form whether it is active, like a river current swirling around a rock, or residual, like a million year old swirl on the inside of a stone.

Art on the Corner

Cracked Earth

Artist: Araan Schmidt of Grand Junction CO

Price: $13,000

Location: 533 Main Street

Artist Statement:

Cracked Earth is a twenty-sided sphere made up of identical triangles. The source data and image came from a black and white photograph of cracked earth. This source data was stretched and altered over the surface of a sphere in the modeling program Blender, resulting in a landscape of fissures and mountains. Next, a duplicate layer the exact opposite of the surface layer was created. Both layers were then split into twenty sections and 11 of these “pair sections” were cut out of foam with a CNC router. Each “pair section” has a circular key/core print to register it to its corresponding side. All of the sections were then molded in resin sand and assembled as one mold with an external gating system, which was also built in resin sand. This project was molded and cast at Sloss Historic Furnaces in Birmingham, AL, during the National Conference on Cast Iron Art and Practices in 2019.

Art on the Corner 


Artist:Wesley Blossom of Kodiak AK

Price: $20,000

Location: 702 Main Street

Artist Statement:

Large fly fishing lure of a mayfly tangled in a branch with a snapped line. Entirely made from fabricated steel.

This piece was designed and built for anyone who has had those days on the river, stream, or pond that seemed to cost you a few flies and caught you a couple of sticks! I like to think of these lost lures as a sort of payment to the “fishing gods”. To commemorate this experience I titled this work “Donation”, it is the largest sculpture to date in my “Snagged” series. I hope you find the humor and can relate to the experience.

Art on the Corner, photo by Sarah Dishong

Elegant Lady

Artist: Reno Carollo of Aurora CO

Price: $14,000

Location: 650 Main Street

Artist Statement:

Elegant Lady is a single female figure created in my Abstract figurative style. This figure has a history from the classics yet has a modern thought and look using convex and concave space to define the female figure.

Art on the Corner, photo by Marla Keown Photography

Hammerhead Shark

Artist: Nicholas LoFaro of Edwards CO

Price: $3,500

Location: 645 Main Street

Artist Statement:

This sculpture is built from welded reclaimed steel in a tribute to the majesty and mystical nature of the Hammerhead Shark. I wanted to express this beautiful animal with a biomechanical appearance and movement. I had found an old, rusty “double-bit” axe with a broken handle, thought it looked like the head of a hammerhead and (naturally) gave the axe a new life as a shark.

I have always had an affinity for Captain Nemo’s story since I was a child, so with this piece, I imagined a hammerhead-type vessel that would patrol and protect the oceans, much like a proverbial Nautilus preying upon the warships.

Art on the Corner


Artist: Annette Coleman of Lakewood CO

Price: $12,000

Location: 425 Main Street

Artist Statement:

The ultimate candy as a child is a large jawbreaker that you can’t even get in your mouth. Trying to finish one of these large sugary orbs is one of the delightful memories that I cherish. Visiting the five & dime with a pocket full of pennies and coming out with a bag full of candy to share.

Art on the Corner


Artist: Francis Fox of Boise ID

Price: $9,500

Location: 336 Main Street

Artist Statement:

Life emerges at interfaces — in cracks, intersections, and transition zones.

The Anasazi culture believed the ‘sipapu’ was a transitional portal from which their ancestors emerged from the spiritual to the physical world. A Kiva was the ceremonial meeting place to celebrate all manner of life transitions.

“Kiva” suggests a physical manifestation of transition and emergence grounded in Iron. 

The sculpture exists as if it grew from the interaction of natural forces and human intention. 

Art on the Corner


Artist: Fred Lunger of Parker CO

Price: $5,000

Location: 559 Main Street

Artist Statement:

Creating Magpie

As with many of my sculptures, the design starts with the base.  In this case I found an antique water pump at an antique store.  The age and wear of this water pump led me to imagine it being outside of an old farmhouse.  As it sits there waiting for the family to come out and collect water needed for their chores, the neighborhood Magpie decides to hang out and survey its territory. 

Art on the Corner


Artist: Reven Swanson of Denver CO

Price: $15,000

Location: 560 Main Street

Artist Statement:

Inspired by an age-old sewing technique to create a skirt waistband, the metal roll is off-set and sewn (welded) and trimmed in a circular pattern as would the fabric pattern.

Using a large roll at a local boiler-maker fabrication shop, the metal is rolled and welded, just as I did as a youngster putting together my first “wrap-around” skirt. The giant metal strip is then pulled by chains and wedges into a continuous strip. The result is a steel construction that bounces, sways and engages viewers.

As a contemporary sculptor, I have studied and practiced traditional needle arts including sewing, embroidery, knitting, crochet and tatting. I deeply believe that to understand our modern culture you must first understand the traditions of the past.

It’s a cultural experience – mixing traditional craft and modern expectations. It’s part of the artistic bent to show the evolution of tradition craft in a new contemporary light.

Art on the Corner

Mt. Grrrfield

Artist: KB Mahoney of Grand Junction CO

Price: $8,800

Location: 359 Main Street

Artist Statement:

Surreal carving of Mt. Garfield in Grand Junction, Colorado. Peaches, a mountain lion, a lizard and a big risk: sculpture in the round meets bas relief carving meets surrealism.. yes! One note: it’s not as fragile as it looks.. carved to be outdoors.

Hey! I’m K.B. Mahoney, and I’ve been waiting for years to submit my first entry for our beautiful Main Street!! Colorado marble is my passion. I live and work in GJ, my biz is right on Main Street… called Main Street Minerals and Beads (better known as “the rock shop”). My wife and I have been there for almost 20 years.

Art on the Corner, photo by Sarah Dishong

New Obelisk

Artist: Ian Wunderlich of Monument CO

Price: $9,000

Location: 635 Main Street

Artist Statement:

This piece is a reconstruction of the basic elements of classic obelisk architecture. I have taken aspects of this classic design and altered them to form a more visually appealing form. One that also stands to argue that old ways can change and be remade anew.

New Obelisk was my first attempt at large scale abstract work. Take a pyramid, cut it apart, stretch it, play with it like a child with clay. What comes out can only be one of infinite possibilities. This work is meant to make the audience stop and stare. Striking and stoic, it is here to break the mold of the everyday.

Art on the Corner, phot by Allesandra Dishong


Artist: Ted Schaal of Loveland CO

Price: $25,000

Location: 602 Main Street

Artist Statement:

“Passage” was inspired by time spent in the Needles District of Canyon Lands National Park. While hiking through slot canyons it can seem like you are seeing the end of the corridor only to be fooled by the tricks light play on the rock walls. The false end only pulls you farther into the canyon. The mirror polished stainless-steel slot in the sculpture leads the viewer to believe they are seeing through the piece, but on closer inspection it is only a reflection. The light and reflection pull you closer to the slot as you seek answers as to what it is that you are really looking at. The monolithic bronze rectangle represents the barrier that would force you into the slot as a focal point of curiosity. Ultimately the sculpture is about barriers, obstacles and improbable passages.

Art on the Corner


Artist: Paul Reimer of Cranbrook, BC, Canada

Price: $12,000

Location: 501 Main Street

Artist Statement:

When we lift up those around us, we ourselves cannot help but be lifted up as well.

Potential represents the heights we can achieve when we have the support of others. It’s about strengthening families and building vibrant and inclusive communities by ensuring that every individual is valued and encouraged to reach their full potential.

Art on the Corner

The Way That It Are

Artist: Brian Marquez of Grand Junction CO

Price: $1,800

Location: 612 Main Street

Artist Statement:

This sculpture very roughly mimics the shape of an Indonesian yoga carving. However, the feelings conveyed are polar opposites from the tranquil, contemplative yoga carvings. It shares the disembodied torso that is common in these carvings, with hands and arms supporting the body seemingly by magic, on the crouched knees. 

In the case of this cast iron piece, the feelings are tense and uncomfortable. The title is taken from a song by The Meat Puppets. The Way That It Are, is a song in which a man is explaining to his lover that he, and their situation are not perfect, and this is just the way things are. The Way That It Are.

Brian is one of two Colorado Mesa University students selected for this year’s exhibit.

Art on the Corner

Meet the Curators

Brian Harrison, who showed his first sculpture with AOTC in 1995, writes: “I’ve always done art, or been part of some creative process for my whole life. I think the key is truly that creativity that has kept me interested, whether it’s pencil and paper, or bronze, or building a custom kitchen. I’m lucky that I am surrounded by people that encourage me, and challenge me, that atmosphere is crucial. For me, not choosing to make art my primary profession was a conscious decision, to always make sure I was doing art for art’s sake, keeping the stress levels low. There have been gaps in my work for sure, but I have always been steadfast in my goal to have my own home studio, where I can involve family and friends.” 

Troy Reynolds, began installing sculptures for AOTC in 2004 and has been the supervisor for the crew ever since, writes: “I am 59 years old and have lived in Mesa County for 28 years and am married to a life time resident. I have 5 children, 1 stepchild and 7 grandchildren. I have been employed by FCI Constructors Inc. for 24 years. I have been active in the community as an actor in local dinner theater. I have served two, consecutive 4 year, terms on the Grand Junction Historical Preservation Board. I served on the Grand Junction Commission on Arts & Culture Strategic Planning Committee 2 times in both Art and Science and History. I have been serving on the Board with Art on the Corner for approximately 10 years. I have been volunteering with AOTC for over 20 years. My primary service to the AOTC board is as the art installation advisor and head of installation (this describes my work and is not an official title). I gather a team of FCI employee volunteers each year and help other volunteers with the removal, relocation and install of the AOTC sculptures and artwork. I also assist other local artists with the installation of their sculptures and art pieces at various locations throughout Mesa county. The most recent being the Fruita and Redlands roundabouts. Art, History and Culture are my lifeblood and I truly enjoy giving of myself and my time to each and every one for my own and the communities enjoyment.

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