Apr 1, 2022

Protect Your Public Art

  • When you come into the downtown shopping park, you can’t help but notice the outdoor sculptures. You may have wondered how they got there, who owns them, or even who takes care of them. The simple answer is; we all do.

  • Art on the Corner (AOTC) was created in 1984 with the idea to bring Main Street alive and hopefully sell a piece or two, helping the starving artists of the community. Now, 38 years later, we have purchased over 125 pieces of art. And are proud to say we have been able to show over 850 pieces. Other than the annual temporary exhibit, every piece you see downtown; at the library, the Botanical Gardens, Visit Grand Junction and the Art Center has been purchased through community fundraising or purchased then donated to the program by individuals and/or businesses. At times even donated by the artist or commissioned by a community member to remember those who helped build our city.

    This is mentioned so that you, as a member of the community, recognize that these pieces are here for our viewing pleasure and as a way to increase the vibrancy of our downtown park. Yet, it’s important to remember they are under our stewardship. 

  • AOTC is managed by GJ Creates and Downtown Grand Junction. We coordinate the arrangement of all art and their maintenance. We ensure they are repaired when vandalized or drawn on or we remove stickers & googly eyes. We wash, we wax, we polish, we paint. Our role is a long-term commitment in the care of our public art. 

    Maintaining a collection of this size requires help from volunteers. In doing so, organize cleaning sessions and teach people how to care for these treasures. We teach kids that their role is to take care of these pieces, and can one dayshare with their children. With care, these works of art will survive generations.

    If you want to be involved in the care of the artwork downtown please reach out to us. Downtown Grand Junction, 970-255-4930 or [email protected].  

Little Dipper