Jul 27, 2022

“Silence the Girl” Art Installation

  • The latest addition to the Shift (702 Main Street) is a four-panel installation called “Silence the Girl” by Sheri Ray. This new installation is located in the east parklet.   

  • In Sheri’s own words – “this art installation was painted over the past three months shortly after a devastating time in my life and the disheartening journey navigating the system. The inspiration and motivation to paint something following my trauma was fairly unavoidable. It came to me pretty much every night in the absence of sleep. Since my experience, I have come to realize the powerful benefit in creative expression during and following trauma. It’s been a literal life-saver for me.

  • The trauma I experienced happened in an agonizing sustained time frame from December of 2021 until the second week of April 2022. I’m still picking up the pieces. It’s a rather long story and I struggle with sharing it for a variety of reasons. Because of my apprehension, I have loved this particular creative process. I intend to keep painting and creating around this subject… I know I have SO much more to “say.” When I *am more “ready” I will be writing a book about it.

    “Silence the Girl” showcases just a small selection of “moments” within my trauma.  It’s an intentionally vague and watered-down depiction, and yet, every element within each panel – while just symbolic – reflects a very specific and very real moment I endured.

    I don’t expect anyone to look at it and clearly understand its meaning… however, while I was painting these, I often thought that if I came upon these pieces unknowingly in a community exhibit, I would be inclined to look at them carefully, and I would try to interpret their meaning, and maybe understand what happened to “the Girl.” I hope that is what people do.”

  • Sheri Ray is a Grand Junction native, and a professional graphic artist who has been working in the design field locally and nationally for roughly 30 years. She’s a strong advocate for arts in all forms to enhance the community experience, and promote creative and thoughtful expression.

  • Sheri is grateful to the Shift, Downtown Grand Junction, and David Goe for this opportunity to display art.