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Welcome creatives, artists, makers, and community members! Do you need or value having affordable space designed for living, working, creating, making, rehearsing, and/or sharing creative work or practice(s) in Grand Junction, CO? 

Space to Create could provide that and more.

Helping artists succeed. 

What is Space to create?

Survey Results

Between August 10 and September 28, 2022 we surveyed the Grand Junction community, specifically targeting artists and creatives about their space needs. We asked questions about live / work housing and shared creative spaces, to conceptualize the buildout of the proposed Space to Create concept at the Terminal, 230 S. 5th Street.    

The results are in! Read the survey results and see what our community had to say about everything from shared creative workspace, housing, and what creatives need in our community to thrive as professional artists.

We will use these results to guide the development and build out of the Terminal. Stay tuned for updates and future events to keep the momentum of Space to Create going!  


Downtown Grand Junction, Headwaters Housing Partners, Colorado Creative Industries, and GJ Creates have partnered to develop a Space to Create program in Grand Junction! Space to Create is an exciting, locally-driven, State of Colorado initiative to create affordable housing and workspaces for creatives working in our creative economy. Four Colorado communities to date have Space to Create programs underway – Trinidad, Ridgway, Grand Lake, and Salida. This project will create transformative opportunities for Junction based artists, and revitalize a new area in our downtown.   

We have partnered with Artspace, a nonprofit with the mission to Create, Foster, and Preserve Affordable and Sustainable Space for Artists and Arts Organizations, to help us connect with local creatives and survey their needs. Space to Create Colorado utilizes Artspace as the lead consultant for feasibility and market studies.

This first step was the Creative Space Needs Survey. They survey (now closed) will help us assess demand for space, the potential to fund space, and community interest in creative activities, community members and other stakeholder support for a new facility. Once complete, the needs survey will help guide the substantial redevelopment of The Terminal, the old Greyhound Bus Depot in Downtown Grand Junction (230 South 5th Street). To learn more about the partners behind Space to Create, see the Partners and Funders section below.


Engaged in creative pursuits and considers work to be a form of art, craft, a cultural or creative expression or heritage preservation. A member of the creative sector:

  • Has a sincere commitment to their creative-based work.
  • May make things that are artistic, creative or functional or all of the above! (woodturners, milliners, potters, writers, leather workers, artisanal foods/craft beverages, painters, performers, photographers, jewelers, floral arrangers, stylists).
  • May be engaged in any creative/artistic/cultural pursuits including visual/performing, culinary, literary, musical, administrative, museum, educational work or practices.
  • May or may not make any income form their creative-based work (or may or may not aspire to).
  • May or may not create or practice full time (or may or may not aspire to).
  • Has or is developing a body of work or is actively training, practicing, and/or making.
  • Comes from any and all walks of life.

If you are interested in project updates and being contacted about new space opportunities in Grand Junction please contact Downtown Grand Junction at 970-245-9697. Follow GJ Creates on Instagram and Facebook for details. 


This study is made possible with the generous funding and support from The Boettcher Foundation, Downtown Grand Junction, and the State of Colorado Department of Local Affairs.

For more information about the Grand Junction Space to Create partners please visit:

GJ Creates: gjcreates.org or contact us via IG – @gj_creates or FB – @gjcreates

For more information about Space to Create, Colorado and its partners please visit: 

This survey is developed and owned by Artspace Consulting.


We respect your privacy. Responses collected are maintained as anonymous. At the end of the survey, you will have an option to sign-up to receive more information. Contact information you choose to provide will not be linked to your responses, sold, or shared with any other organizations. This survey is for research purposes only and data is analyzed in the aggregate.


If you experience any technical difficulty while taking the survey or you have any concerns or questions about the survey, please contact Teri at Artspace. Questions about Grand Junction Space to Create should be directed to GJ Creates via IG – @gj_creates or FB – @gjcreates.


GJ Creates is a Colorado State Certified Creative District located in Downtown Grand Junction. Creative districts are designated areas that promote, support, and expand the creative industries to drive Colorado’s economy. GJ Creates boundary is the same as the downtown development authority, roughly 1st Street to 10 Street, Grand Avenue to the Colorado River.

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